Our Blackstar Font Experiment  

By Matt Gorbet and Susan LK Gorbet

We made a font based on Bowie’s Blackstar  album cover!
Download it here, or just play with it on this page and save a .png of your text.
Let us know what you think or read more.

Try it out:

loading font...

What is this? 

The other day, I stared at Bowie’s Blackstar album cover for a while before mentioning to my partner that the glyphs across the bottom looked like they were some kind of code.  

She took a short look at it, and exclaimed “It says BOWIE!”.

Indeed, it does.  Of course, we immediately wondered what the rest of the font might look like, so we decided to try making it.  A quick web search led us to the free and awesome Glyphr Studio, and in five minutes, we were off.  We let Jonathan Barnbrook’s design of the five  B O W I E   characters set the rules, and we tried to follow them as closely as we could to create the rest.