The terminal redevelopment at SJC features a brand new concourse designed to evoke the technology of Silicon Valley.
The project is described in detail in a paper in the Leonardo Journal, and was presented at Siggraph 2011.

Video of the Siggraph presentation can be downloaded from the Siggraph store.

In 2005 we were selected (with partner Banny Banerjee) to form the SJC Art Activation Team. Our task was to design and implement an infrastructure supporting an ongoing program of technology-based public artwork at Silicon Valley's newly expanded airport. The City of San José's public art program defines Art+Technology as:

  • Art that uses technology
  • Art that is inspired by technology
  • Art that is developed with technology
  • Art that comments on technology

The five-year project resulted in an integrated physical, technological and human infrastructure that provides flexibility and opportunities for future artists and future technologies, while providing a robust framework for the ongoing maintenance and evolution of the program.


The infrastructure is built around flexible technological platforms, to mediate between the diverse needs of artists and the constraints of a functioning airport.

Client: City of San José
Concept, Design, Implementation:
(Gorbet Design and Banny Banerjee)

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